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Once Upon a Time Christmas Giveaway!  

So I ordered a replica of Snow White's ring a month or so ago, and when I got it, it was too big. There are no returns, and I'm just gonna order another one. But I figured, why not do a giveaway with the one I won't be using? I'm nearing 3000 followers, so I thought this would be a cute way of saying thank you! The ring is a size 9.

So this is what the ring looks like:



If you’d like the ring:

  • Just reblog as much as you like. 
  • Since this is a present for my FOLLOWERS, I’d appreciate it if only those who follow me reblog. But I probably won’t check, so if you’d just be unfollowing me after the giveaway, then it’s whateves. 
  • You can live anywhere, it doesn’t matter, just be willing to give me your address so I can send it to you xD. 

I’ll also go ahead and use the last one of my christmas cards to write you something, even though it will be sent after christmas, hahah. 

The giveaway ends on Christmas Day (the 25th) at 12am CST. Have fun! :D

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