Beckah. 23 years old. USA. Hufflepuff. Infuriatingly Optimistic. Once Upon a Time owns my heart and soul. Jennifer Morrison has made my life a much happier one.
Proud Ugly Duckling.
"The idea behind #theuglyducklings is truly about self identity and beauty. The story shows that sometimes life gives us challenges before we discover our true selves."
~Jennifer Morrison


Jen + Sunglasses


Jen + Sunglasses

Ouat Meme

10/10 Characters- Prince Charming/David Nolan

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Disney Princesses + little/grown


Oh, you foolish girl.

get to know: Jennifer Morrison (insp)

57/100 pics of Jennifer Morrison. 
57/100 pics of Jennifer Morrison. 


ouat cast + the ALS ice bucket challenge

She gave me this birthday present, five years before Once Upon A Time, which was a custom bound book of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. And she forgot she’d given it to me so when this offer came up it was so crazy…

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Anonymous asked:
Thank you so much for answering in such a calm and collected and happy manner. I apologise once again (did I apologise in the last one? if not, I totally meant to but I had to shorten my message, so sorry for that) for asking silly questions. Okay, thanks again, you're my fave, enjoy!

It’s no problem at all!! Don’t worry about it.

And you are too sweet, thank you!!! :D

Anonymous asked:
Do you know if JMo has had any plastic surgeries? My friends insist she did, specifically a boob job, after they saw the barwench outfits and the scars on the... well, boobs. I don't care either way, but I'm the sort of obsessive person who just has to know even the stupid things for certain when they're pointed out to her. And you're the biggest JMo fan I know, so I thought to ask you. I swear I'm not trolling or anything. Actually, just ignore the ask. Have a nice day!

JMo doesn’t have TIME for a boob job! That girl is always working! She barely has a day off, let alone time for plastic surgery. I think it’s just called a good push up bra. Girl knows how to flaunt what her mama gave her! ;) 

And her scars on her chest are from precancerous moles that she has had removed. She’s mentioned this many times in past interviews, because she’s always reminding people to get their moles checked out- especially if you’re light skinned like her. :)