Beckah. 23 years old. USA. Hufflepuff. Infuriatingly Optimistic. Once Upon a Time owns my heart and soul. Jennifer Morrison has made my life a much happier one.
Proud Ugly Duckling.
"The idea behind #theuglyducklings is truly about self identity and beauty. The story shows that sometimes life gives us challenges before we discover our true selves."
~Jennifer Morrison

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Jennifer Morrison at the Badass Women Panel at Nerd HQ.

Jennifer Morrison being a cutie pie at the Badass Women Panel at Nerd HQ (-)


OUAT Cast at Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration

Once Upon A Time Cast at Comic Con 2014

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Once Upon A Time Appreciation Week:

Day 2: Favorite Relationship - Emma and Henry

SDCC Interviews/Panels/Videos Masterpost 


Basically a list of all of the current OUAT panels, promos, interviews and discussion videos from San Diego Comic Con. I was compiling this list for myself so I thought I may as well share it with you guys in case anyone wants it. I’m going to keep adding to it as new interviews are released. 


OUAT Panel: VERSION 1 (unblocked view):Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x), Part 3 (x), Part 4 (x)

                         VERSION 2 (HD, partially blocked): Part 1 (x), Part 2 (x), Part 3 (x), Part 4 (x), Part 5 (x)

                         VERSION 3 (filming screen): Part 1 (x), Part 2 (x)         

                         VERSION 4 (full panel HD): (x)

                         VERSION 5 (full table view, good sound + Ginny message): (x)

                        VERSION 6 (full panel HD) (x)

(bonus: panel transcript                

Colin O’Donoghue on TV Guide Fan Favourites PanelVERSION 1 (full table view) Part 1 (x), Part 2 (x), Part 3 (x), Part 4 (x) —- VERSION 2 (close up) Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Jennifer Morrison on Nerd HQ’s Badass Women Panel(x)

Promo Footage

S4 Promo (x)

Ginnifer Goodwin ‘skype call’ (x)

Writer’s Room (x)

Interviews/Press Room

IGN talking about OUAT Panel (x)

All/Majority of Cast

TV Line (talking about Emma/Regina rivalry, Hook/Emma relationship, new season obstacles, Frozen characters and Elizabeth Mitchell) - Jared, Josh, Jen, Colin, Lana: (x)

EW (talking about Frozen, fans, what they love, COLIN BEING A DORK, what they want to see on the show, fun filming the show) - Colin, Lana, Josh, Emilie, Jared (x)

Perez Hilton (tell your character to ‘Let It Go’) - Colin, Jared, Robert, Emilie (x)

Colin O’Donoghue

After Buzz TV - developing Hook, Hook/Emma, Hook interactions (x)

TV Fanatic - new costume, Hook’s ‘new leaf’ Frozen, (x)


Showbiz Junkies - S4 growth, Hook’s shades of grey, ‘you were just about to say I love you’, Frozen, Hook/Emma S4 scenes (x)

TV Equals - Frozen character parallels, filming together, Hook/Emma, ‘are you saying I have issues?! (x)

Seat42F - Emma/Regina, tease ‘stuff’, Hook/Emma, Emma’s struggles, ‘let it go’, Hook worthy of Emma, ‘isn’t that sweet’ (x)

RHeart Network - filming season finale, S4, Frozen, Elsa/Emma friendship, ‘oh he’s a man’, ‘you’ve gone red’, lighter moments,  ’you can say boyfriend’, more fairytales (x)

Robert Carlyle/Emilie de Ravin

After Buzz TV - Rumple’s betrayal, Rumple’s complex character, Emilie’s entrance (x)

TV Equals - Rumbelle ‘domestic abuse’?, Rumple’s addiction, Belle’s belief, Rumbelle in 4A, dealing with Pan, Frozen interaction, Belle’s place in community (x)

Seat42F -Beauty and the Beast ‘honeymoon’ moment, Rumbelle, their happiness, Frozen (x)

RHeart Network - Rumple’s deception, MRJ, Neal’s death, Frozen, THEY HAVEN’T SEEN FROZEN what?! this upsets me haha (x)


HitFix - joking about heels, Rumple’s vault, ‘ex-girlfriend’, play two lies and a truth (x)

Eddie Kitsis/Adam Horowitz

Showbiz Junkies - Frozen, Star Wars, non-traditional fairytales, Frozen character incorporation, Georgina Haig (x)

After Buzz TV - after Frozen, Frozen, Rumbelle, Baby Charming (x)

TV Equals - why Frozen?, character interactions, Regina’s growth, ‘big bad’ of 4A (x)

Seat42F - Frozen character introductions, getting Frozen, staying true to characters (x)

TV Fanatic - Frozen accessibility, returning characters, ‘sing’ Let It Go (x)

Lana Parrilla

Showbiz Junkies - Regina’s happiness, S4 teaser (talks about mirror clip), playing Regina, Regina as a hero (x)

After Buzz TV - Regina/Robin/Marian in S4 (x)

TV Equals - Regina’s transition, good/evil, Regina/Elsa parallels, opinion of Regina (x)

RHeart Network - Frozen, Regina/Rumple interaction, fans, ‘changing lives’, someone(?) is adorable (x)

Josh Dallas

After Buzz TV - Baby Charming, new friendships, Hook bromance, new fairytale characters, Frozen (x)

TV Equals - Charming’s past, ‘life changing friendship’, fatherhood, tough decisions, 3B acting approach, Charming’s development, relationship with Emma, sword fighting (x)

Seat42F - S4, friendships, Regina, family tree, Emma’s reaction to Baby Charming (x)

RHeart Network - Frozen, strong women, Charming friendship (x)

TV Fanatic - Baby Charming, Frozen, sings ‘Let It Go’ HAHA JOSH (x)

Jared Gilmore

Showbiz Junkies - Henry’s growth/arc, Frozen, wants more CAPTAIN COBRA, S4 filming, fan encounters (x)

After Buzz TV - playing Pan, memories, Frozen (x)

TV Equals - relationship with mothers, Rumple relationship, playing Pan, Henry/Frozen characters, hopes for Henry (x)

TV Fanatic - Henry/Rumple, Frozen, sings Let It Go (x)

Other/Random Clips

OUAT Panel (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Colin at Fan Favourites (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Cast at signing (x) (x)

Meeting cast at signing (x)

Cast leaving signing (x) (x)

Cast photos in press room line up (x)

Colin signing autograph (x)

Evil Queen costume at geek couture fashion show (x)

Elsa promo poster (x)



Once Upon A Time → gifset per episode
01x21, An Apple Red as Blood

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